Book 1 of the Timesplash Series

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“Timesplash, Graham Storrs’s new novel, is a cleverly thought out sci-fi thriller, combining shocks, laughs, and romance into an eminently readable package. … The first of a new series, Timesplash is an exciting beginning, and definitely worth looking out for.”

“The action is tense and believable; characters are well-rounded and psychologically plausible; and the resolution is immensely satisfying. It has that best quality of all adventure stories: it’s impossible to put down.”

“I really enjoyed this book. A completely original take on time travel and the consequences of such a technology existing. I honestly couldn’t put it down, and was disappointed when I was finished because I wanted to read more.”

About This Book

It started out as something underground, edgy and cool. Then Sniper took it all too far and timesplashing became the ultimate terrorist weapon.

Scarred by their experiences in the time travelling party scene, Jay and Sandra are thrown together in what becomes the biggest manhunt in history: the search for Sniper, Sandra’s ex-boyfriend and a would-be mass murderer.

Set in the near future, Timesplash is a fast-paced action thriller. Filled with great characters, a sprinkling of romance, and a new and intriguing take on time travel, Timesplash is ultimately a very human tale about finding bravery through fear, and never giving up.

Timesplash is the first book in the Timesplash series. The second book, True Path, and the third and final book, Foresight, were both shortlisted for Best Science Fiction Novel in the Aurealis Awards.

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